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Bizen-ware is a pottery with over 800 years of history that began at the end of the 12th century. The feature of Bizen-ware does not use glaze. Therefore, it is stuffed from the dough of the clay and fired in high temperatures at once by the firewood and fire.It is not an open firing method like pit firing.

The roots of Bizen-ware is Sue-ware (Sueki). It was introduced from the Korean peninsula to Japan in the 5th century, with the techniques of "kiln" and "potter’s kick-wheel" for firing at high temperatures. Sue-ware is a gray or white pottery, but after that, Bizen-ware began to have its own way of firing and became unique.

The color of the surface of the pottery is a phenomenon that comes from all natural materials such as soil(clay), flames, firewood and rice-straw. Therefore, Bizen-ware is said to be the beauty that nature produces. Japanese enjoy the color that appeared in the earth such as reddish brown, gray and orange of Bizen pottery as "the scenery (Keshiki)".

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Firing Kiln (Tsuchigama)

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