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Bizen ware that was born from the oyster raft of Hinase

Firewood used in the kiln does not cut down as much as possible living tree.


Baking using waste oyster rafts that have finished the role of oyster farming

Bizen ware fuel Trees grown by the earth (carbon-neutral wood-based fuel)


In Bizen ware firewood kilns, Akamatsu firewood is generally used for firing.
Among various tree species, Akamatsu contains a lot of fat (yani), so it is very flammable, has long fire legs (long flames), burns out well (charcoal burns), and has a good temperature. It is an excellent fuel that is easy to control.

However, while verifying the medieval Bizen ware in the clay kiln, it was also clarified that all the fuel was not red pine but various tree species were used. Rather than firing with only one tree species, it seems that the depth comes out by overlapping the individuality (ash) of each tree.


From that experience and the viewpoint of forest protection such as modern pine wilt and desolate satoyama
We use thinned wood and windthrows to fire the kiln.

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